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Chinese Breeze Book 1
Chinese Breeze Book 2
Rhymes & Rhythm - Book 1
Rhymes & Rhythm - Book 2
Rhymes & Rhythm - Book 3

Jian Gao

Dear students of Chinese:

Right before Kyle Laracey graduated from Belmont Hill School of Massachusetts June 2013, I asked him if he would like to help me make recordings for my books, and he said YES with a big smile.

Six years ago, Kyle walked into my classroom as a 7th grader. It took me little time to spot his essential character: intelligent, curious, enthusiastic, determined, pleasant, and hardworking. Six years later, Kyle sat next to me speaking Chinese precisely into the microphone, the initial impression still holds.

Kyle Laracey

Working with Kyle during the past six years and knowing him have been one of the greatest pleasures of my teaching career.

Kyle and I spent all summer recording the audio MP3 files for these books, and it was a blast. We hope that you find the recordings helpful and enjoy listening to them and reciting along. Chinese language is easy to learn, and everyone can learn it. If Kyle, his classmates and hundreds of students at Belmont Hill School can learn it so well, you can too.  — Ms. Gao

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