Chinese Breeze and Rhymes & Rhythm Books for teaching and learning Chinese

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Chinese Breeze Book 1
Chinese Breeze Book 2
Rhymes & Rhythm - Book 1
Rhymes & Rhythm - Book 2
Rhymes & Rhythm - Book 3

Anything learned with a smile stays for a while. So, start everything with a smile!

These books are about much more than teaching Chinese. It is all about giving students an unforgettable learning experience and fun memories to treasure for years to come. Each and every page in these books is filled with light-hearted steps leading students to the milestone – Speak Chinese!

教学歌谣   润物无声

Chinese BreezeRhymes & Rhythm for Learning Chinese 是高健老师十六年来在教室里顺着学生的喜好一字一页地编写出来的,其内容不但深受学生喜爱,而且还收获了可喜的教学成果。如果您想 让学生第一天上课就开口说汉语,让他们每天走进您的教室就像是走进了游乐场一样兴奋,让他们天使般地跟着您学跟着您演练,让他们一接触汉语就爱上汉语,那高老师的这些书和她的教学方法一定能帮您实现目标。

Book 1
Book 2

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